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Sales is communication - communication is language. If anything, with the rapid changes in technology too often the art and science of language is left behind. There is a sales force out there that have never had the benefit of learning



There can be no question that as the world changes, the tools of technology are changing the way we do business. But far too often a sales force will grab onto technology and expect "IT" to do the work.

It is only with a clear understanding of the tool, and and equally clear understanding of your particular selling position that a marriage of technology and work can bring positive results.

Dave has been in sales for most of his professional career, first in Construction, selling pre-engineered building and design services to industrial - commercial clients - and then, since 1990 in Real Estate. There are many approaches to sales, because of his hands on building background - Dave has always focused on the "language" and "tools".


Being an early and self taught adopter to technology, Dave always asks:

1. What does it do     2. How does it work     3. How do I make it work for me


Developing strategies on these questions will lead to building S-M-A-R-T goals


Using Technology For Profit Is A Matter Of Understanding And Execution

Dave tailors every talk to with singular focus on demonstrating how technology can be used with the purpose of the conference

Topics / Workshops


Places People Let Me Sit At The Front

Hands On !!


in 2007 Dave recognized an under serviced market. He developed a web based strategy to exploit it. By executing the plan, the measuring and adjusting A Stone Home .com has become the number one marketing platform for historic Stone Homes in Ontario. So much so, that other REALTORS now pay for access. Dave has documented and shares the steps to niche marketing. Harnessing the tools with strategy.



Dave saw the raw power of video to connect with people, to educate, to share, but most importantly as a tool to engage with home buyers and sellers to build relationships. As a pioneer of real estate video Dave has developed a number techniques and pieces of equipment as well as having experimented / developed almost every type of video available. All of which he readily shares in his easy to understand workshops. Ranging from Why use video, to how to plan, shoot and edit, syndication.


Because of his constant attention to the Internet for business Dave identified early the transition from Web1.0 to Web 2.0 and the changes in the way people used the web to gather and share information. Building on the foundation he had from hours spent on line, Dave was an early adopter of all Social Platforms. With an understanding of the systems, Dave has been able to develop strategies that have proven profitable and consistent.

In 2010 Dave recognized the early potential of QR Codes as a way of communicating information directly into the hands of consumers "when they have their phone in their hands". Together with 2 partners formed a copy the developed a platform to deliver codes for multi social programs and strategies. (The code at the top uses a platform designed by Dave)

In 2000 Dave coded and launched his first web site. It wasn't very good, but 3 months later, the 3rd evolution of the site captured it's first lead that lead to a successful sale. That one site grew into a network of 225 real estate web sites, 2 hosting companies and 7 years dedicated to search engine optimization. During the years 2004 through 2007 85% of Dave's business came directly from internet leads. (GOOGLE him, you'll see)

An Industry Share-er ~ Giving Back

Dave has been involved with organized real estate for a number of years. First volunteering for committees then serving as a member of the Board Of Directors, and in 2013 has been privileged to be elected to the position of President of the Northumberland Hills Association of Realtors. At every turn Dave has taken every opportunity to give back to the industry and share his knowledge and insights. Either at major industry meetings or at individual brokerage offices. Knowledge is key to success.


Dave Chomitz CRS, ASA, e-PRO, broker

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An Industry Leader Always Ready To Share


2015 At the end of 2014 the first part of the year starting to look exciting.

February 24 - speaking at the Kick OFF for Royal LePage Estate Realty

January 29-31 - Banff Western Connection Real Estate Convention. Presenting Viedo Strategies with a panel of other industry leaders.

January 28 - ReBar Camp Calgary

January 14 - Presenting VIDEO at a lunch and learn for Lee Welbanks mortgage broker - a short - down and dirty "How To Get Started" in video session - sould be fun.y

2014 EMERGE Conferences for The Ontario Real Estate Association. During the year Dave was a presenter at all 6 EMERGE Conferences around Ontario. This year he was the featurered speaker covering VIDEO helping REALTORs in all markets understand how they can harness the power of video to build relationships, demonstrate their value and make people want to work with them.

Fall 2013 The Ontario Real Estate Association asked Dave to join with 5 other industry leaders in traveling to 6 destinations in Ontario to share their technology strategies with other REALTORs in the ground breaking OREA EMERGE series.

October 2013 - OREA EMERGE ~ Ottawa

September 2013 - OREA EMERGE ~ Orillia

March 2013 - OREA YPN Toronto
Starting in 2009 Dave made regular trips into Toronto to network, share and instruct REALTORS on the changing real estate marketing landscape.

March 2013 ReBar Camp TO Talking Video

ReBar Camp TO - Talking QR Codes (Dave developed a QR platform)

Georgian Triangle RE Board Tech day - Social Media Panel

Georgian Triangle RE Board Tech Day - Teaching Video Skills

ReMark 2010 ~ Sitting on a panel talking Social Media

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What People Say .....

I love your video. This was perfect marketing for people who want to make a shift in their lives and downsize. I would like to use it as an example in my Listing Experts Academy- in my module on how to reach your audience.

Katerina Gasset - Founder of Listing Experts Academy