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Since 2009 Dave has been travelling around Ontario sharing with other Commission Sales people how he uses the internet to leverage his time - to multiply his reach 24 /7 ~ 365 days a year.

In those travels it became clear there was void in the training available to Commission sales people.

You find either "old school" coaches who are stuck in the 80'-90's .. or

The "New Gurus" who really have no sales experience but ar riding the social media wave.

Dave found success in combining to 2 - Sales is Sales !!! Some things will never change - but the delivery will evolve.

Understanding the difference is key to growing in today's new world of selling.

Strategic use of the internet can reap tremendous results. But is has to be strategic. Harnissing the power of social media (FaceBook, Twitter, LinkdIn etc) together with the strategic use of video to drive traffic can create a consistant lead and follow up system all in one. As a pioneer in the digital use of visual and verbal data to create relationships Dave shares the best practices and tools of todays commission sales person.

Speaking at conferences and doing workshops is the best place to start ~ followup is with on line training at

dave chomitz http://www.theonehouragent.com


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